Our Research Services


Several times a year we travel to Ukraine and Poland on behalf of ongoing scientific projects, historical exhibitions, film projects and at the request of genealogists worldwide. Within the framework of our activities we have developed several very successful research strategies that differ from the common approach. Our on location archive contacts in combination with solid research know-how have greatly helped to achieve significant results throughout many projects so far. The archives offer, so-to-say, a wealth of scientific “hunting-grounds” which remained hidden behind the former iron curtain and now offers us a near endless resource of genealogical and historical information. On behalf of your personal wishes we gladly offer our services to fully exploit the possibilities of these resources.

  • Historical document studies, historical photograph analysis on behalf of your documentary film, your family name, interviewing eyewitnesses.
  • Selection of relevant data extracted from governmental and local archives, e.g. photographs, maps, genealogical certificates, printed materials, church registers.
  • Gathering copies according to the customer’s specifications.
  Acquisition of eyewitness reports, e.g.:

Press, historical documents, literature, birth-/marriage-/death-records, criminal records (WW II war criminals), (former) secret service documents, verification documents, area maps, eyewitness reports

Every single research project will approx. take up to one to three months.

  The total costs will be calculated as follows:

Time based according to the extend of historical documentation requested by the client - i.e. the amount of delivered archive materials.

Location based depending on the number and type of archives visited and, furthermore, depending on the total number countries, cities, villages (etc) visited.

  The final quotation will include:
  • Administrations costs: Setting up the overall research strategy, pilot studies - i.e. contacting relevant archives, by request with full authorization of the customer.
  • The entire research process (see above).
  • A research report: Selection of relevant information (if necessary accompanied by translations of foreign documents), research prognosis and analysis.