Our Services


At HRA we deal with three different areas of research. What this exactly means and can offer to you and your project, is outlined in the following:

  Research Assistance

Whether you have your own research project, looking for a particular source, or if you want to seek out your ancestors, we at HRA develop the right research strategies tailor-made to your needs.

HRA selectively studies dense information, prepares originals in a way such that they are easy to handle, translate well and, furthermore, transcribes the original archive material.

You are looking for a professional to do research on resources of Slavic origin?
HRA transcribes and translates material written in Polish, Russian or Ukrainian into German or English.

  Acquisition of Archive Material

You are looking for solid evidence? HRA provides you with archive copies of written and photographic material.

You want historical facts? HRA sifts through and carefully selects material, which is of relevance for your project .

You intend to stage an exhibition? HRA provides you with a survey of relevant materials from Poland and Ukraine.

  Archive Consulting Service 

You plan to conduct a research project? HRA organizes and coordinates research projects at multiple locations and states.

HRA arranges reliable contacts, gives advise on how to access archives in Germany, Poland and Ukraine and organizes appointments.

HRA conceives research analyses and gives advise based on their systematic practical research experience.